Dark Empire

The Metaverse of the Dark Empire

"Dark Empire is a metaverse blockchain game with a dark style and the theme of multiplayer battles of dark heroes. Players can draw characters and purchase characters to conduct single-player, team competition, and challenge dark beasts...etc. Players can also pursuit to be on the top in the global leaderboard.
The world of the Dark Empire will continue to expand over time, and the gameplay will continue to increase. In addition to the competitive battle (PVP) and the elimination of monsters (PVE), the landlord system, the legion system, and the imperial system will be added in the future. In the near future, it will be extended to the mobile platform, allowing players to enter the world of the Dark Empire on their mobile phones.


Our team was established in early 2021 and expanded from 4 teammates to 40 in August 2021 and over 60 in January 2022. Based in Hong Kong, we have professionals from the UK, Japan and Malaysia, bringing us to the top level in game art and development techniques.
To create a blockchain game that brings real fun to players around the world is the common ideal of our team.
Dark Empire isn't just a game, it's a metaverse. This metaverse was born to give players the thrill of war and the joy of winning great rewards.
Our ultimate goal is to build a vast platform composed of more different types of blockchain games in the near future. Players can travel freely on our platform and enjoy a variety of different gaming experiences.