In Magical Continent, there are areas occupied by dark beasts.
The Empire will form the imperial army and go out to destroy these dark beasts. Let your dark hero join the imperial army.Protect the continent, gain glory and earn rewards.
Adventures are divided into various levels. The higher the level of the adventure, the stronger and more challenging the enemy will be, and the more generous the rewards will be obtained.

Increase the number of adventures of the Dark Heroes and gain more

Every time you send a dark hero to take an adventure, the number of adventures of the dark hero will be deducted. When the number of times is zero, you will not be able to go out to take an adventure, and the number of adventures will be reset once a day.。
Players can increase the participation of each hero by having more dark heroes, the same hero will also be counted in the total number of characters
Number of Dark Hero
Adventure times
3 Dark Heros
4 - 15 Dark Heros
16-29 Dark Heros
30 or above Dark Heros