Players can withdraw the DAK/EME currency in the game account to the wallet address . The following is the information about Claim.
  • Minimum amount per withdrawal: 100 (DAK or EME)
  • Each withdrawal needs to consume Run Ticket
  • Players will need to wait for a period of time after each withdrawal before they can withdraw again. cool down time : 15 days

Run Ticket

  • Run Tickets are important consumable itmes that players must use when withdrawing currency to their wallet address.
  • Every time you withdraw, the player needs to pay a certain fee, and the more Run Tickets consumed, the less Fee the player needs to pay.
  • Players can get Run Tickets by participating in the competitive field. Regardless of the results of the competitive field, as long as they participate, they can get Run Tickets.
  • The maximum amount of Run Ticket that can be obtained per day is : 24 (reset time 00:00 UTC+8)
Run Ticket get each Arena
Solo Battle
Team Battle