• Kick off the overall concept design, gameplay design and backstory of Dark Empire.
  • User interface design, game formular design, game content design
  • Game Content Design & develop
  • Game Economic system Design & develop


  • Game basic framework construction , Storyline and characterization of Dark Heroes
  • Apply combat moves to 3D models of Dark Heroes.
  • Visualization of all treasure chests completed.
  • Visualization of all Dark Heroes is complete, Game background and arena design is in progress.


  • Run tests for game features like battle, adventure.
  • Game server development
  • Integration of OpenSea platform completed
  • Smart contract development is completed


  • NFT 1st pre-sale (treasure chest) at Opensea
  • DAK Staking
  • 100 players will be randomly selected to receive AirDrop rewards
  • The core gameplay and basic functions are ready. Including Dark Hero list, level system, skill system, arena system, adventure system, sponsorship system, reward system and business system, etc.
  • DAK-coin and EME-coin IDO on UniSwap.
  • marketing campaigns to get more exposure & players
  • Close Beta Test


  • DAK-coin and EME-coin can be traded on DEX
  • Dark Empire official launch with Dark Hero list, level system, arena system, sponsorship system, reward system, etc.
  • Skill system will be released within a week after the official launch.
  • 2nd round of marketing campaigns
  • prepare for Business system
  • BUSINESS system testing (Allows players to buy and operate shops)
  • New Dark Heroes Design

2022Q4 - 2023Q1

  • launch the mobile version of the game in Q4, 2022.
  • Introduce Landlord system.
  • Launch the Shop system. (The part that lets the player own the Shop)
  • Introduce new heroes
  • Begin the development of a complete set of game platforms, including preparations for the team's other games to be released.

Future Plan

  • Legion vs Legion battle: Players will gain the right to form a legion in the game, and challenge other lrgion to win in-game profits.
  • Empire vs Empire battle: Players will choose two different empire, and the game will have empire vs empire battle every week (the number of times to be determined), in order to compete for the right to use the enemy's land, in order to unify the entire magic continent.
  • Create a Wallet belongs to Dark Empire, which can customize functions
  • Create a BlockChain belongs to Dark Empire, offer more service.