Landlord System(Coming Soon)

A destination that can be used by the Dark Heroes, the land of the Dark Continent is limited, and the resources of the Dark Continent are rich.
All the lords of the Dark Continent, let's develop and explore. The land of the Dark Continent contains a lot of unknown resources. How to explore and develop your territory will be a huge challenge for the major lords.
As time progresses, players can improve the development and level of the territory by using various territory props. Additionally, realm owners may search for precious DAK and EME coins on their realm.
In addition, the owner of the land can send dark heroes to develop this land. When they successfully find resource points, the dark heroes can find more exciting resources.

Ranking the Lord & Conquest Points

Every month, the project team will rank the [Conquest Points] you have obtained from the territory. The higher the ranking, the more rewards you will get, the better.
Players will obtain [Conquest Points] by performing various actions in their own territory.
Under the leadership of the player, each territory develops in different directions, and each lord can create a different territory and show it to the world.
  • NFT: All territories are NFTs.
  • The game will be displayed in the form of a large map, showing the location of each territory and whether it is occupied by the player.
  • Players will get the right to purchase territory, and obtain certain rewards through specific game behaviors on the territory.

Skills that have expired

In the Landlord system, those skills that have been invalidated will have a significant impact on the development of the land. Players can purchase various props and decorations in the territory store to increase the function and development of the land. It has significant impact on the ranking.