Demon King Ranking (Ranking Awards)

In order to let players to be more engaged in the game, the project team will make statistics once a week, and count the number of [Demon King Badges] players have obtained through various projects and activities (adventure, individual battles, team battles, etc.) to count the ranking in the Demon King.
Calculate once a week, the first 50players with the highest scores (tentatively, the number of 50will be increased or decreased according to the number of players), the project team will send additional rewards. The one with the highest score will get the highest reward, the second highest will get the second reward, and so on.
Through the rewards of the Demon King Ranking, players can get a unique reward [Demon King Treasure Box], which can open DAK, EME and powerful and rare equipment & skills, as well as more rich rewards waiting for players to discover.
The settlement time of the Demon Lord Ranking is 00:00 every Monday, that is, at midnight on Sunday. When the settlement is over, all Demon Lord badges will be reset to zero and recalculated.
The prize distribution of each Demon King Ranking is every Tuesday(tentative), and the specific reward content is expected
Rank reward
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