There are 2 types of arena battles, "Solo battle" and "Team battle". (Please look forward to "Legion battle" and Imperial war" in the near future.)
In order to make the battle more fair and fun , we have formulated the following rules:
  • The first round of entry starts at 00:00 UTC every day, and registration will close when the number of participants is full.
  • After each round of battle starts, when the number of applicants is full, the server will automatically start another battle of the same type until the end of the registration period. (Same stop-in time for all battles of the same type)
  • It will be played in a 10-player ranking match, and one account can only send 1 or 1 team (3 people) of Dark Heroes to participate in a match.
  • Through some special skills, and, of course your luck too, there is a chance to defeat heroes stronger than you Each Dark Hero has his own available count (the basic number is 3). No matter whether the Dark Hero participates in the "Solo Battle" or "Team Battle", the "Available Count" will be deducted.
  • The available count will be reset at 06:00 (GMT+8) every day
  • [Solo Battle] & [Team Battle] each round period: explained in the game.
  • Fees and rewards for [Solo Battle] & [Team Battle]: Explain in the game.

Combat Process:

The time for each round of battle is 30 minutes, and it is mainly divided into 3 stages, starting from the [Registration] stage
First 20 minutes
20:01 to - 29 minutes
stop registration and wait for the results of the battle to be announced
29:01 to 30 minutes
results will be announced & distributes rewards

Increase the participation of Dark Heroes and be a head start in the leaderboards

Players can increase the number of adventures by having more dark heroes, the same hero will also be counted in the total number of characters.
Number of Dark Heroes
Adventures Per Day
3 Dark Heroes
3 Times
4-15 Dark Heroes
4 Times
16-29 Dark Heroes
5 Times
30 or more Dark Heroes
6 Times