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Skill:Each dark hero has a skill space, players can put skills into the space, and the dark hero has the opportunity to activate skills in battle, most of which can bring a final word or a new turning point for the situation.
Skill Space: Initially, each dark hero will have a skill space, which is expected to increase according to the game version.
Free installation and disassembly: Players can install skills into Dark Heroes at will when they are not in combat, or they can take them out for use by other Dark Heroes, so that players can draw the most suitable and strongest combat strategy in various fierce battles.
Skill validity period: When a player acquires a skill, the skill will start a 7-day (168 hours) countdown. Before the countdown ends, the character equipped with the skill can activate the skill unlimited times under the conditions. When the countdown is over, the skill will be automatically removed from the character and the backpack will be recovered
In the future territory system, those temporarily disabled skills will have unique and unexpected effects.