Game Description

About :

Dark Empire is an online game about dark magic battles. The story begins with two opposing magical races fighting each other.
Players are drawn into this battle, and the only way to survive is to send dark heroes to fight and take first place in the arena battle leaderboard, killing dark beasts to get rich rewards.
Players need to cleverly arrange their own dark knights, mages, dark elves, soul healers, and other soldiers to occupy the enemy's stronghold and unify the Magical Continent.

Target :

Dark Empire focuses on allowing players to have both real fun and play-to-earn in the game.
In the market, some game studios develop blockchain games that just focus on the experience of play-to-earn. This incomplete game loop caused their cryptocurrency values ​​to plummet. Finally, all players suffer. We have established a series of rules and measures to prevent this from happening and maintain the stability of B-Coin in the Dark Empire:
For Example:
  • In addition to setting up a liquidity pool of EME coin, our project team promised not to actively sell the coin to ensure that the largest supplier (official) of the coin will not destroy the stability of EME coin.
  • EME coins will only be generated through players' activities in the game. Players can freely sell or buy them, but the official will not sell any B coins.
  • The project team will monitor the trading volume of EME coins within a period of time. When the game starts running, calculate the total amount of EME exchanged for USDT in the pool within a certain period of time, and then destroy the same amount of EME coins until all the original EME coins are all destroyed. It is realized that the EME coins of the entire pool are produced by players playing, reducing the risk of a sudden sharp decline in the value of the currency.
  • The dark hero must be upgraded after EXP is full in each stage. Otherwise, the hero cannot continue to be used in the game. In order to increase the liquidity of EME coins and reduce the impact on the game experience of other players. (More on the upgrade content, which will be described on the "Dark Heroes" page.)
  • 100% of the official earnings of various EME coins in the game will be destroyed to avoid the risk of a sharp decline in EME coins.


Dark Empire will continue to enrich the game elements and features, and the players' dark army will face more difficult challenges.
  1. 1.
    Legion vs Legion Battle: Players can form legions in the game to compete with other legions.
  2. 2.
    Empire vs Empire Battle: Players' armies can join the Empire army and fight for the unification of the Magical Continent.
  3. 3.
    LANDLORD system: Players can buy land. Rewards are then generated through activities on the land.
  4. 4.
    BUSINESS system: Players can buy shops to become in-game merchants, and earn profits by buying and selling game equipment and items.
  5. 5.
    Mobile platform: On the roadmap, Dark Empire will release its mobile version within 6 to 9 months of its initial release.
  6. 6.
    MAP system: Player-owned lands will be flagged on the map of the Magic Land, proclaiming dominion to all players.