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Solo battle

  • The battle will be held in a 10-player ranking match. Each player chooses a dark hero to compete with the dark heroes sent by other players.
  • Each participating character will randomly play against 5 other characters one by one.
  • Solo battles will be allocated to different areas for competition according to the level of the dark hero, and the arena is divided into character level and regional level.
Depending on the level of the dark hero, the areas where you can participate are also different.
Requirement level of the character
Apprentice Room
Demon Field
Hall of Ghosts
Ares Temple
Beyond the Abyss
In addition to the Apprentice Rom (Lv.1-3), the competition in the other 4 arenas will be divided into [Upper] and [Lower]. Players can choose to participate in the [Upper] or [Lower] area, and the requirements for dark heros are different in different arena and different area.
Arena Class
Participate Dark Hero
Temple of Dark Gold
All Dark Heroes can participate
Silver Devil Palace
Only Altar, Zero, and Warrior can participate
  • Each battle will be scored as follows
    • WIN: 3 pts。
    • DRAW: 1 pt。
    • LOSS: 0 pt。
  • The one with the highest score wins the first place, the second one gets the second place, and so on. If the score is tied, the sum of the remaining health (HP) of all matches will be calculated, and the higher one will win.
  • According to the arena that the player participates in, the EXP are distributed to the participating dark heroes.
  • The higher the ranking in the arena, the higher the reward.